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We’re not the biggest search firm in the world. 


We’re the search firm with the biggest network.

Hiring a compliance officer could be the most important decision you make this year.

That’s why companies choose Conselium Executive Search to help them hire compliance officers.

Competition for compliance talent is fierce.  To hire the best, choose Conselium Executive Search.

The speed with which they produce top-rate candidates is an indication of the extensive network of contacts they maintain within that world. Experience, candor, professionalism, flexibility and a sense of humor make Conselium an ideal part of your recruiting process. Having worked over many years with numerous executive recruiters in my roles as VP, HR and as executive coach and business consultant, I can say that Conselium is among the very best.

Tony Mulkern, Sigue Corp.

Conselium takes their time in screening out only qualified candidates who will be a fit in the hiring organization. They are thorough and ethical in all dealings. I truly enjoyed doing business with Conselium and look forward to doing so again.

Chris Dejardins, Essilor

The professionals at Conselium are tremendous at understanding our unique Company culture, which is the cornerstone to achieving the right fit between Company and candidate. Conselium’s success ratio in helping us recruit and retain top-end talent over the years is the backbone to our relationship and will no doubt continue to keep us successful in the future.

Frank CaliriVice President at Brinker International

Conselium is the best executive search firm that I have ever worked with. They are experts in finding the right person for the job and have a relentless desire to produce high quality, win-win results. The firm is a model of integrity and honesty. I recommend them without qualification or equivocation.

Paul LiebmanChief Compliance Officer at University of Texas

They will help you define the scope of the position and then craft the position to attract some great talent for you to consider. For those of you in the compliance world who do not know Conselium, you should. I consider it to be the premier compliance search firm in the world.

Tom FoxTom Fox Law

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What if you had access to the biggest network of compliance talent around the world?  We do.

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